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Nipha Wines are made in the Nashik Valley using the best international wine making practices.

We allow grapes to fully vine ripen , hand picked & transported to the winery ensuring that they keep their freshness. sort the grapes & use most gentle production techniques.

We make wine by hand in small lots & taste them constantly to manage their subtle changes.

We experiment with the latest techniques while operating from a foundation of tradition. Our reds receive extended aging, which makes them mellow and exceptionally complex.

We can assure the genuine varietal & quality for each bottle.

It is our passion rather than business...!

We have restricted ourselves to produce limited quantity to maintain premium quality of wine.

At Nipha we take it a few steps further by using good practice & good organic food science to make clean wines; wines that are free of excess sulfite , other additives or contaminants & wines are low in histamines.

Prides itself on being very "Green". We compost 100% of our production solid waste & re - cycle 90 % of our production water .

All of the vineyard sources for Nipha wines are either organic Or sustainability farmed.

#Handmade #Hand crafted #Perfectly balanced #Soft tannin #Low histamines #Low sulfite #Green practices

#Eco friendly production

1. Nipha Oak Leaf

This is a smooth, medium-bodied, easy drinking red wine.

Style : Semi Dry

Cellar Door Offer

निफा ओक लीफ

MRP : Rs.300 Rs. 290 ( 750ml )

Premium Wine

Exclusively available @Winery Store

2. Nipha Chardonnay

Nipha estate chardonnay is crafted in a modern style that delivers a fresh expression of these exceptional grapes. This white wine is cold fermented to retain crisp green apple and lemon drop flavors. The resulting wine is sleek and lively providing a superb affinity for food.

Style : Dry / Off dry

Cellar Door Offer

निफा शारडोणे

MRP: Rs. 775 Rs. 490 ( 750ml )

Exclusively available @Winery Store

3. Nipha Muscat blanc

This white Muscat blanc varietal is hand picked from estate vineyards, de-stem, crushed and cold fermented with the aid of selected yeast strains. This exceptionally elegant wine entertains the senses with fresh aromas with touch of sweet tropical fruit flavors. It is smooth and refreshing and so easy to love.

Style : Sweet

Cellar Door Offer

निफा मस्कत

MRP : Rs. 790 Rs. 490 ( 750ml )

Exclusively available @Winery Store

4. Nipha Rosé

This Rose' wine offers tantalizing aromas and alluring fruit flavors. Shiraz grapes are used to produce this refreshing wine.

Style : Off Dry

Cellar Door Offer

निफा रोझे

MRP: Rs. 530 Rs. 490 ( 750ml )

Exclusively available @Winery Store

5. Nipha Syrah

This is a smooth, medium-bodied red wine, ripe cherry and plum notes, black pepper aromas and soft, silky tannins. Shiraz has intense aromas of black currant and raspberry with a hint of spiciness. It is Oak aged for a year.

Style : Dry / Off dry

Cellar Door Offer

निफा सिरा

MRP : Rs. 290 ( 375ml )

MRP: Rs. 590 ( 750ml )

6. Nipha Sparkling : Upcoming

The méthode traditionelle

The traditional method

The méthode champenoise

Muscat Rose à Petits Grains

Natural Vine Dry Black Raisins


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